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Naturals Forest Disc

Product Description

Evergreen & Freesia is inspired by the distinct, deep notes of sandalwood with light, sensual floral notes that capture the natural beauty of lush green landscapes. From the dense and crisp, pristine forest, to blanketing steep-sided valleys, blends a sparkling freshness and uplifting exotic depth. Evergreen & Freesia embraces the sensation of being cradled in the heart of the forest

Naturals Fragrance Disc Forest Evergreen & Freesia - includes one Ceramic Disc and a 3ml Scented Fluid to spray the disc. You can place them in your wardrobe or linen cupboard to gently scent your clothes and linen, and eliminate odours in the home

Product Details:
  • Fragrance Disc + 3ml Scented Fluid
  • Fragrance: Evergreen & Freesia

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